wingwave® Coaching, schnelle Augenbewegungen

wingwave® Coaching Berlin

wingwave® Coaching Berlin is a very effective short-term coaching method that identifies stressors and can sustainably reduce the resulting blockages and restrictions in everyday life, relationships, business or sport. wingwave® Coaching is a method from the field of resource-oriented coaching and personality development.

Targeted techniques are used to address blocking beliefs, emotions or behavioral patterns. The focus is on strengthening inner resources and developing personal strategies for coping with stress and conflicts. wingwave® coaching is made up of the mechanisms of kinesiology muscle testing, bilateral eye stimulation and neurolinguistic coaching, which are explained in more detail below:

wingwave® Coaching uses the kinesiological ring or myostatic test for diagnostics

The kinesiological ring test is a diagnostic tool used as part of wingwave® coaching to find blocked emotional reactions to specific questions. In this test, the client holds a ring of index finger and thumb together while the coach checks the reaction. If the ring remains stable, this indicates that there are no blockages.

However, if the ring can be opened, this may indicate that there is emotional stress or a blockage. The ring test is a very precise measurement method and a particularly well-researched muscle feedback instrument. The reason for this is that the muscles of the hand are connected to many different areas of the brain and therefore provide precise feedback. The stressors detected are later used to specify and treat the issue in a targeted manner.

Neurolinguistic communication techniques and goal-oriented positive language in wingwave® coaching

Words can build or destroy. Language works wonders! There are many of the latest findings from brain research on the neurobiology and effect of our language on our inner experience. Our brain stores words and sentences not only in terms of content, but always in close connection with an emotional network. If language is charged with particularly positive emotions, the brain reacts quickly and in a complex way, including with positive signals to the body.

The body speaks a clear language. Words can have very different effects on people: One person feels paralyzed by the word “challenge”, while the next blossoms at the same word, becomes creative and bubbles over with ideas – depending on their life and learning history.

This in-depth knowledge of a person’s so-called “vita language” is used as a “coaching compass” in wingwave® coaching and, when applied with pinpoint accuracy, always acts as a “shortcut to a solution”. Coaching is considered successful when the coachee reacts confidently, decisively, calmly or even humorously to all sentences and words that describe their topic.

In the context of “cognitive behavioral psychology”, this NLC approach (neurolinguistic coaching) also helps the coachee to quickly establish an ego-strengthening inner speech in the sense of positive self-motivation. In general, it is always worth looking at your own choice of words and at the mental and physical effect.

wingwave® coaching uses bilateral hemisphere stimulation techniques

Bilateral hemisphere stimulation is a technique that is often used in wingwave® coaching. It involves activating both hemispheres of the brain through various stimuli such as eye movements or tapping in order to promote cooperation between the hemispheres and support the processing of emotionally stressful issues.

This stimulation helps to reduce negative emotions, relieve stress and build self-confidence. By activating both hemispheres of the brain, the aim is to improve information processing and stress regulation, which can lead to a positive change in the client’s behavior and emotional state.

These techniques make use of knowledge from sleep and dream research, specifically the REM phase, which is simulated in the waking state using the techniques mentioned. The REM phase stands for Rapid Eye Movement and is an important phase of the sleep cycle. During this phase, the eyes move quickly and our brain is particularly active.

During this phase, we dream intensively and process emotions and experiences from the day. Bilateral hemispheric stimulation as part of wingwave® coaching is the main lever in this coaching format. These techniques can be learned within the coaching settings and repeated and continued in private use.



wingwave® Coaching – Explanation and areas of application

wingwave® Coaching honored with “Excellence in Coaching” award

In 2014, the wingwave® method was presented with the coaching award for “Excellence in Coaching” by the “Association for Business Psychology” in London. wingwave made it to the final of the top 3 coaching concepts and was therefore in good company: wingwave® competed with concepts from Unilever, Jaguar and McDonalds, for example. This coaching trophy is a great success! wingwave® is one of the most successful coaching concepts ever. The wingwave® concept is integrated into the training framework of therapeutic boxing in Berlin. Try it out! soulboxer 🥊🙏❤️