Seelenboxen am Sandsack

Therapeutic boxing is a bodypsychotherapeutical method that can be widely applied within psychoeducation, or as support of and addition to classic therapy forms like behavioural therapy. The main goal is to improve the perception of the own body and to learn how to perceive, express, and regulate feelings and emotions. Processing of traumatic experiences, navigating negative and destructive impulses, and deconstructing inner tension all appropriately supported. The goal is strengthening the psychological durability with self-efficacy and self-assertion.

Soulboxing is a holistic movement style, effective on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Individual contents are moved and trained on all three levels, which loosens blockades and limitations. Aside from exercise-related aspects, Soulboxing utilises the mechanisms of therapeutic boxing and sets our personal developments and activities into motion.

What the soul really requires is the most moving concern here. We track down the soul‘s needs and desires to directly feed its hungriest parts. Body and mind are being moved in unison to return to the soul its proper posture and its wings. We box so that the soul enjoys living inside the body.

We build personal growth on the fundament of stable self-esteem. The soulboxer movement is multilayered, challenging and nurturing. It turns pessimism into optimism, lethargy into vigour, anger into bravery, fear into respect, and frustration into motivation. The desire for autonomous success will drive out the powerless fear of failure.

If we lose, we want to successfully learn from that failure. Whether in the boxing ring or in life: it‘s about preventing or overcoming punches, set backs, low blows, strokes of fate, and knock-outs. We want to box our way to freedom and score Lucky Punches on the way.

Geräte im berühmtesten Boxgym Deutschlands

therapeutic boxing

the value of therapeutic boxing is extensive!

Crossover boxing movement help interlink the left and right hemispheres more intensively, more so than stable-cyclical movements*. The left and right side of the body communicate and harmonize better with each other as well. Learning new patterns of movement combined with music causes the development of new neuronal connections in the brain. This creates new resources, new paths for information in the brain, accessible during a myriad of mental processes.

All this allows for new realizations in the judgement of old limiting experiences to come up, for example by overwriting them with new experiences. Past beliefs and one-sided patterns of thought are being modified and perceived as optional choices within one‘s inner life. These are the philosophies, trainings, and coaching tools we convey at the  therapeutic boxing in Berlin.

*neuronal plasticity, the ability to change and develop neuronal structures through learning processes is possible even in very old age. This can be supported by bilateral hemispherical stimulation.

business coach berlin: mobilizing strengths for more resilience and competence to act

Knowing how to deal with wounds has healing and meaningful effects both in the boxing ring and in life. In doing this, we realize pain doesn’t have to be an unalterable process of suffering, but wants to set us into motion.

This realisation leads to more self-determined competence to act. Self-doubts, including those about the own body, are being reduced. This kind of training training is an immense contribution to the processing of trauma, stress, and to dealing with fears.

We also learn to accept that in certain moments, it’s smarter and healthier to throw in the towel: whenever the fight is harming body and soul, and is absolutely futile. Here, the coach acts like the cutman in the ring who decides if a wound can be stitched up quickly or if it requires further attention and care.

We punch for the inner peace of our soul and for more resilience. It’s not about being ‘better’ than anyone else, but rather better than we ourselves were yesterday. The real opponent is inside of ourselves, subconsciously buried and hidden. In mental boxing, we often get to know him as a very hurt part of ourselves, which needs curative affection and a stable cover from inner critics and judges.

It saves a lot of energy to dance those ‘internal enemies’ away, rather than verbally fighting them. Only through intimately knowing and carefully and lovingly leading the hurt parts of our own personality can we fully mobilise our personal strengths. As your personal & business coach, I will support you in that! In the boxing ring, as well as your personal and professional life.

soulboxer® – Boxing to open the gateway to the soul

The car press machine Tempelhof kindly informs us that car wrecks are only available without side windows.

soul boxer® in the ‘Ritze’ in Hamburg

The soulboxer visits the ‘Ritze’, Germany’s legendary boxing cellar.

‘Zur Ritze’ Trailer

 ‘Zur Ritze’, Germany’s most legendary boxing cellar.

voices of soulboxers

Florian M. (12.02.2024)

I’ve been training with Robert for a few weeks now and feel very well looked after. What strikes me as particularly positive is the intensive 1-to-1 support. Robert gives his own thoughts a lot of space and time. In combination with the athletic boxing component, I find every lesson so far very successful and well invested.

Robert has a calm and powerful charisma, is thoughtful and precise in what he says and reflects. Perfect for me, as I am also rather calm myself and really appreciate this manner.

In terms of boxing, every training session is a step forward and apart from the one or other private moment of confusion when moving my leg, arm and upper body at the same time, I really enjoy learning this sport.

I have already had experience with other coaches, including a course for 5000€+. Compared to Robert, however, there is a world of difference. In a positive sense for Robert ;). The one-to-one situation is much more goal-oriented, I can take the space I want or need at that moment and don’t have to come to terms with other participants.

I was looking for a way to learn a martial art and also to progress mentally. This works wonderfully with Robert. I would recommend him unreservedly at this point.

Prasath E. (04.07.2023)

I have been working with Robert for six months now and enjoy our multifaceted and focussed collaboration. Robert brings a large toolbox with him and can flexibly fulfil all kinds of needs. Robert is my boxing teacher and opens up the physical and mental world of boxing to me, which I personally find very enriching. When I had problems with my back, we switched from boxing to back training. In addition, I can always approach Robert when I need a sparring partner to discuss mental issues with (e.g. trauma, issues at work). I really enjoy this broad spectrum and the flexibility in our work.
Personally, I consider finding suitable personal trainer/coach a rather difficult that, that’s why I’m very happy to have someone like Robert at my side, who is very appreciative, humorous, focussed and competent. In just six months I can see a clear development in my training as a boxer, which gives me a self-effective feeling and confirms that working with Robert is bearing fruit for me. Thank you, Robert!

Roman S. (09.05.2023)

Robert opens and at the same time represents a space in which I feel seen, accepted just the way I am, and that gives me the strength and confidence to make further development possible. Realising my own point of view, in the middle of my own life, then being able to decide “Do I want it this way or do I opt for something else?”, something that supports me in my struggle for a better quality of life, is a great result of my work with Robert. Thank you for your openness, kindness, warmth, friendliness, and attention. Thank you for intuitively following what appears deep within you as we walk this, sometimes very difficult and painful, path of self-knowledge and healing through the forest and the occasionally very prickly undergrowth of self-awareness. You are doing a great job, Robert.

Jeanette R. (01.02.2023)

Warm-hearted, open, intelligent, quick-witted, precise, present, funny, curious, compassionate, extremely competent. These are just a few words I can use to describe Robert.

Nevertheless, you don’t feel overwhelmed by this bundle of energy and his presence, but rather taken along and supported. You work your way through the training together, sometimes with ease, sometimes with pressure, just as it fits and is necessary, and always take something away with you physically and mentally.

All this is not only a lot of fun, but also clears the mind, allows me to focus on the essentials and the right point of view. That’s not only useful during training but also has a lasting effect. Small adjustments change the whole thing.
For all this, no distance is too far, no time is inappropriate!

Susan G. (25.10.2022)

When I met Robert for the first time, I wasn’t quite sure what exactly I needed from him. I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go professionally, and an idea of the personal issues that needed to be dealt with along the way. I had researched extensively online and studied the soulboxer website. In the end, however, I never anticipated such a wealth of passion, empathy and wisdom. It quickly became clear that Robert isn’t just my coach, helping me understand processes in my life better, but he has also become my mentor, introducing me to the soulboxer movement and teaching me all the knowledge he has acquired over several decades. As my business coach, he doesn’t push me in a specific direction; instead, he opens his vast collection of tools and experiences, and I take what suits me. Meeting Robert has been and continues to be an absolute enrichment for me, a liberation from old professional shackles to a creative and self-determined space, so to speak.

Joachim L. (10.08.2022)

As an entrepreneur, taking risks is part of the game, sure, but we often underestimate how frequently we risk our health too. Over the past few years, a physical and mental toll has snuck in through the back door for me. When I started my current company, I was super fit and brimming with energy. But at the beginning of this year, things looked different: after almost eight years of startup life and the last two years of dealing with COVID without a solid fitness routine, my energy was at an all-time low. I knew something had to change. Then I met Robert. Since then, we’ve been on a journey together to rebuild me holistically. What sets Robert apart is that he doesn’t just focus on my physical fitness but also incorporates the harmony of mind and soul into our training. How do we approach it? We box! It sounds tough, but believe it or not, it’s fun and incredibly beneficial <3! Joachim

Ute G. (27.01.2022)

In the last 10 years, my trainer Robert has become one of the most important people in my life. That’s because Robert has tremendous passion and love for his clients – for life itself. His strong qualities and personal experiences make him a truly special trainer who stands by you through thick and thin – unwaveringly!

Throughout all these years, Robert has trained, guided, and mentored me with great empathy and knowledge, enabling me to independently maintain my physical fitness. Empowerment –that’s a wise concept he implements with his clients.

Equally valuable is Robert’s mental support. No matter what challenges have arisen in my life, Robert always had profound advice that broadened my perspective. I’ve been able to solve many problems through his ideas, insights, questions, and thoughts. There’s no topic I can’t discuss with him, whether it’s very personal, intimate matters or challenges related to my business.

With Robert as a business coach, you have a wonderful heart-centered individual by your side whom you can rely on 100%. He possesses incredible knowledge of both body and soul and has recognized what he can and wants to achieve through his work as a fitness and mental trainer.

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude to have such a valuable person and trainer by my side. With great respect towards you, Robert,

Ute G.

Agnieska N. (19.08.2021)

Every single hour with Robert as my mental coach has been enriching for me. Right from the first meeting, Robert identified the right approaches that I could only perceive and consequently implement for myself today, months later. Thank you for the consistently positive energy and support in shifting perspectives.

Tine D. (03.07.2021)

With great openness, respect, and acceptance, I was welcomed by Robert. Time and again, he manages to mirror and reflect my behaviour in the outside world through boxing. No distance is too far to work with Robert for our weekly session – whether it’s improving my punches, footwork, or delving into my boundaries and emotions.

Anna K. (14.06.2021)

I’m still super glad to practice boxing and boxing philosophy 😉 with Robert.
Boxing helps in the short and long term. After just a few sessions, I caught boxing fever, and even now, after three years, I’m grateful to have established a form of training in my life that gives shape to all my emotions and challenges me holistically.
THANK YOU, ROBERT, all the best with the soul boxing!

Christine S. (18.04.2021)

I came to Robert a few months ago during the pandemic, and I’m incredibly glad to have found him! His positive attitude is totally infectious, and he always has an open ear for absolutely all aspects of life! 🙂
With him, I started boxing, and I never thought it would actually be so much fun!
Training is always a ray of sunshine in these current times, and I look forward to every single session. I can’t imagine a better trainer. 🙂

Elf *. (09.10.2020)

Okay. Boxing training? Many offer it. Soul care? Some do. But both? Building and strengthening body and mind? Few can do that. And probably none like Robert. It can be incredibly demanding. But every session is like an energy boost: for life, for the punch sequence, and the right footwork. Robert doesn’t lecture. He accompanies you on the journey towards yourself. Empathetic, knowledgeable, challenging, philosophical. He’s a great boxing coach. An excellent soul caretaker. Or simply put: a really great guy.

Paulin U. (29.09.2020)

I’ve been training with Robert for almost a year now, and I’ve never trained better! The sessions are intense and tailored specifically to me, making it enjoyable every time and always worth it! I don’t think there’s a better coach out there 🙂

Constantin S. (25.09.2020)

I’ve had exciting sessions with Robert and gained a lot from them! He’s both a great conversationalist, deeply engaged with his “clients,” someone from whom you learn a lot, as well as a motivating boxing coach. I really enjoyed the mix of conversations and sports, and the sessions have contributed to my inner well-being.

Anton U. (13.05.2020)

I’ve been training with Robert for over a year now. He always finds the perfect mix in every session, so I consistently push myself to 99% and can expand my limits sustainably. Top-notch as a person, incredibly professional, and highly reliable. I’m sticking with it!

Valerie N. (24.03.2020)

My experiences with Robert have by now been confirmed in online training as well. Even though I miss the pad work with boxing, we’re still working on my punches, footwork, and consistently focus on my overall strength and conditioning. It’s achievable online and helps me immensely to stay clear and strong during these times of “social distancing.” I think we can all benefit from that!
Try it out!!

Alexander A. (09.01.2020)

Robert – a trainer with passion and 20 years of experience – hits the mark perfectly. I’ve been happily involved with him for over two years now, and during this time, thanks to Robert, I’ve transformed from a “almost burnout patient” to a healthy and fit entrepreneur. What started with more fitness and strength quickly became – thanks to Robert – much deeper, and many problems could be worked on and overcome together, including those concerning my business. Throughout, Robert has remained supportive even during tough times. The transition into boxing was the perfect addition and came at just the right time. The combination of honesty, experience, fitness, mindset, and Robert’s truly authentic treatment of clients and their issues makes him absolutely unique in his field. The term “personal trainer” falls short – he’s much more accurately described as a Business & Health Coach!

Valerie N. (12.12.2019)

I came to Robert looking for support.

Three years ago, I had a herniated disc, which was successfully operated on. However, the fear lingered in my mind that it could happen again at any moment, leading me to become increasingly sedentary and do less and less exercise. It was a bad decision, but I felt like I had lost control.

I discussed this with Robert and asked him to accompany me on my journey back to an active life.

Robert trains with me on my inner foundation, both physically and mentally. He challenges me and thus gives me the opportunity in every session to realize what I am capable of and to feel confident again.

Furthermore, it’s always fun with him; he loves his work, and you can tell. I’m glad I can work with him.

Anna K. (12.05.2019)

Boxing. One of the best decisions of my life. Training with Robert and occasionally philosophising (of course, only during the water breaks ;-)) is a stroke of luck.
Robert connects body and mind, soul and sweat, with over 20 years of professional experience and expertise on people. I immensely enjoy the training, and the strength and energy I draw from it for my life are so enriching that I already look forward to the next session after each one.
Thank you, Robert!

Manuel M. (28.06.2018)

In my job as a screenwriter and director, I’m constantly under stress – both physically and mentally. For a long time, I didn’t have any outlet, and the stress level kept rising and rising. And then I met Robert. We do strength training and boxing, both of which are like a “break” for my mind. When I train with Robert, he organises my thoughts and redirects my energies in the right direction. I haven’t been this focused in a long time. Thank you, Robert! You’ve become an indispensable part of my life!

Lars U. (26.05.2018)

I reached out to Robert because I was looking for a mental coach. We worked on certain unwanted behavior patterns, focusing on acceptance. That gave me the courage to tackle “certain things”! What does all that bring? I’m steadily getting closer to my goal of living happily and contentedly every day of my life. On the roadmap, we’ve adjusted other really tiny screws, like weight reduction, nutritional advice, and athleticism and boxing training (5 kilos less weight in a short time). Training with Robert is fun and keeps enriching my life more and more. With Robert, you can train body and mind as one. Simply fantastic! Thank you, Robert.

Lukas P. (09.05.2018)

What a guy! I’ve been doing boxing training with Robert for almost 8 months now. And week by week, it’s becoming more fun.
Most importantly, he doesn’t just follow some standard program; he tailors the training each time so that I’m always working on what makes sense for my current level and helps me progress.
Overall, it’s effective, rigorous training, but always warm and very honest.

Laura W. (23.11.2017)

Robert has a sympathetic and authentic presence, which is supported by his expertise! Once again, I’ve been positively influenced through a trance journey on my topics, e.g. letting go, inner peace, and independence. Robert creates a confidential and pleasant atmosphere, allowing me to engage very well in the meditation, and the trance journey is tailored to me individually. I feel incredibly good every time. Strengthened, refreshed, and above all, completely at peace with myself. Every time, I’m impressed anew by Robert’s technique and guidance! Much appreciated! Greetings from the outskirts 🙂 …

Florian K. (20.11.2017)

Robert has been my boxing coach for two years. Since I started late in life and from scratch, boxing has been quite a learning process for me. Robert is in full control of this process. He conducts varied training sessions that are perfectly tailored to my abilities – and limitations! What I particularly appreciate is Robert’s passion for what he does. It’s incredibly motivating and creates a trusting atmosphere: his criticism is always constructive, and his praise for progress is sincere. And when you’re out of breath, you can also casually philosophise about “the meaning of it all”. In summary: Even though it’s tough as nails, training with Robert is fun and definitely one of the highlights of my week!

Philipp S. (23.03.2017)

One can not only train the body, beautify it, keep it healthy and fit, but also train the mind, the spirit, and the soul. Robert Rode can do it. He has succeeded with me. I thank him. He has shown me ways to overcome my sadness, and to escape occasional depressions and insecurities.

Marie M. (31.08.2016)

I don’t want a trainer who bombards me with empty shells for words. Who imposes an image of exercise on me that has nothing to do with me. That feels like a foreign object. Or like fancy filters. I want a trainer who makes me sweat.
Who allows me to integrate sports into my busy schedule, but doesn’t pretend it’s going to be easy. I want a reliable trainer. Who helps me push my limits, whether outdoors, at home, or in Neukölln’s boxing clubs. And not one who comes to me with pseudo-wisdom in plastic worlds.
I want a trainer who’s real. And I’ve found him. Thank you, Robert.

Evangelia S. (16.05.2016)

Since September 2015, I’ve been training with Robert Rode. I sought out a trainer because – though I was formerly very active in sports – I had lost my core strength. I couldn’t walk long distances anymore, let alone jog. I felt like I was standing beside myself, watching as I struggled unsteadily through life and couldn’t do anything about it. Doctors couldn’t agree on what was wrong with me.
This went on for a full five years until a flare-up brought the relieving diagnosis: MS. MS is somehow not of this world. You could say it’s virtual and intangible. But the havoc it wreaks on reality is the real problem. Unfortunately, there’s no medical solution for either aspect, so I decided to seek my own solution, one that addressed the real problem – my physical limitations. I found the solution in training with Robert!

Robert and I train twice a week. At first, I couldn’t do more than walk and talk. Then we added exercises, and before long, we were fully immersed in training. Now we’re training at a much higher level; a combination of boxing and circuit training. Training with Robert brings me physical and mental joy. Robert creates challenges that you gratefully accept. He knows how to coax you out of your comfort zone until you learn to trust yourself again.
The intensive collaboration with Robert creates a safe space in which you don’t have to be able to do everything, but you achieve a lot. This training has restored my confidence in my body. I look forward to all the hours to come.
Boxing is not only good for me but a blast, too. It’s just fun! If only I had known that sooner.

Thomas E. (06.10.2015)

Robert has already been by my side during my earlier fitness training, which I’ve been doing for thirty years. With his advice and support, I (at 198 cm tall) was able to go from about 95 to 115 kg over a period of about five years.

Eventually, I found fitness training a bit dull, and at the ripe age of 47 I started boxing training with Robert (once a week for 1 hour). Robert is not only an experienced trainer in all sporting aspects but also someone who can look beyond the purely physical training and advise his clients holistically in achieving their fitness goals.
His friendly and engaging nature makes training with him always a pleasant experience on a personal level as well. But even if you just want to “hit it hard” during training and test and expand your physical limits in a healthy way, you’re in good hands with Robert. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer to everyone.

Moritz B. (12.09.2013)

I trained with Robert Rode in fitness and boxing for several months. Robert is a true professional who has brought me real results in a very short time. Professional sessions, individually tailored, simply excellent. No nonsense, just real work.

However, Robert understands how to apply and dose this “work” in a way that keeps the fun factor high, too. Robert is very attentive to one’s needs; he is a polite, trustworthy partner with whom it’s great fun to train.

Unfortunately, due to a change in location, I can no longer continue with him, but I can confidently and highly recommend Robert. I have tried various trainers for a long time, and now I find it all the more regrettable that I may not find such a trainer again so quickly. Thank you, Robert!

Sara M. (09.09.2013)

I attended several sessions with Robert as a mental coach in June, and I am very satisfied!
Due to certain circumstances in my life, I had lost faith in being happy.
However, through his very balanced, calm, and joyful demeanor, especially his direct approach to focusing on and challenging me to address the “problem” head on, he showed me how much positive energy I have within me. He gave me good exercises that I can still use on my own today.
Robert proved to me that I radiate what I believe in and that I just need to have more trust in myself and my happiness. He appointed me as a happiness researcher and used practical examples to make me feel how I brought self-doubt upon myself through small things.
He opened my eyes to broaden my perspective and not always follow the same old patterns in all situations, but to approach certain things differently and that’s how I achieved better results/reactions than I ever expected.

I am proud that he has increased my self-esteem through these consistent steps!
Thank you very much!

Torsten L. (01.09.2006)

Finally, I can leave my mark here, as I’ve been training regularly with Robert Rode 1-2 times a week for almost two years now. My focus has been on general conditioning, weight management, and boxing classes.

Dear sports and fitness enthusiasts, let me tell you, Robert has never made it easy for me, but he has also constantly surprised me and often made me laugh. Boredom never set in, but most importantly, the training with my coach has brought me to the best condition of my life.

Thank you very much, Robert… I look forward to the next training session with you! 🙂

The unique mixture of boxing classes, mental coaching, and athletic training, combined with relaxation techniques and enriching, resource-oriented conversations, brings us physical and mental stability and newfound confidence.

The individual frameworks and targets are determined by the client’s topics and are diagnostically assessed in the anamnesis.

Through the soulboxer training, we learn to lead ourselves and others with soulfulness, appreciation, respect, discipline, mindfulness, and humility. Become a soulboxer, nourish your soul. Be the greatest, we aim for resounding success, we aim for the Lucky Punch!